Affordable Ultrasonic facial Machine Reviews

New and In Stock! The Revolutionary Ultrasonic Microderm Facial Treatment is a professional at home skin care system. This type of treatment is a great way to achieve clean and healthy skin at home. One great advantage to this system is you can continue the skin care products you may currently be using. The ultrasonic facial benefits, removes wrinkles and uneven skin, while restoring elasticity and improving circulation. Resulting in flawless Skin!

This is an excellent alternative to our microdermabrasion unit. Especially suited for those with sensitive skin types or compromised skin.

If you've never had an Ultrasonic facial, wait until you try this treatment at home! This skin scrubber uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove dead, dry, skin, without pain or discomfort. Our customers who have purchased our microdermabrasion treatment, will love adding this ultrasonic facial machine to their at home spa and anti-aging defense routines.

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Learn How to Use a Personal Ultrasonic Machine

In this skin care routine we will be showing you how to use the Ultrasonic Facial Machine at home. Follow our easy step by step guide in the video tutorial below.



See how a skin care professional demonstrates her micro system. How to do ultrasonic facial treatment during a clinical spa service.









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  • I need this ultrasonic cleaner!!! I break out n I’m 41. I hope tht I can afford it cuz my husband and I are PERMANENTLY DISABLED! Unfortunately!!!!! Hope tht I am able to get this soon so tht my skin doesn’t get any worse! Love tht video by the way.
    Much Love,
    Rebeka n Scott Schleyer

    • Rebeka Schleyer